Breakdown Series – Live Class

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The Video Editing Masterclass is an in-depth online learning program that teaches advanced video editing techniques. Learn to create professional-looking videos for YouTube and other platforms with precision and efficiency.


The Breakdown Series course provides a comprehensive breakdown of various complex topics and concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Through this series, you will delve deep into intricate subjects and learn to simplify them for better understanding.

Key Highlights:

  • Simplifying complex topics
  • Easy-to-understand breakdowns
  • Deep dive into intricate subjects

Class Timing: 2 Sessions in a Week (Monday or Wednesday) at 6PM

What you will learn:

  • Enhanced understanding
    Gain a better understanding of complex topics through in-depth breakdowns.
  • Simplified learning
    Learn to simplify intricate subjects for effortless comprehension.
  • Clear explanations
    Receive clear and concise explanations of complicated concepts.


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